Voted #1 Pizza in Whittier!

I honestly never thought it could happen, my beloved Stuft Pizza getting knocked off of the top spot. But it was knocked off and here is why. Uptown Pizza Company has been on the grind making really good quality pizza for some time. It has taken me a while to realize it because I tend to hit Stuft as often as possible. The sauce on this pizza is just great, the crust is fantastic and the quality of the ingredients is right on target. If you haven't tried Uptown Pizza do yourself a favor and grab a large pizza and you will taste the quality. Kudos to Uptown you are doing great work.
- My Whittier

Uptown Pizza Co. and Frank’s Lamp Post Pizza as it was previously known, has been a local favorite for 35 years. Keeping the original recipe, we continue to make our pizza sauce and dough, fresh from “scratch”, to using only the finest ingredients. We use 100% Wisconsin mozzarella and a variety of toppings, all freshly chopped, sliced, diced or grated.

Our goal at Uptown Pizza Company is to create quality home cooked food, both delicious and hearty, and to provide our customers with an exceptional dining experience. Our two head cooks, with over two decades of combined experience, take great pride in their craft.